Samstag, 7. August 2010

Mutige, bunte Looks! So gehört sich das!

Meine lieben hamburger Damen, macht eurer Lieblingsbloggerin eine Freude und lauft bitte auch mal in solchen tollen Outfits in unserer tollen Stadt herum! Eiinfach mal mut zur Farbe - Spießig  kann jeder!


  1. Total schön - ich mag besonders die erste Blümchenhose und die ganze Kombi, sowie die Hose mit den Punkten und den gestreiften Rock! Und die Hüte! Und die Hintergründe! Gelungene Fotostrecke, auf jeden Fall!


  2. You know, even though you stopped writing your posts in both languages, I can still manage to read your German. Odd, because I've never studied German at all.

    On topic, I love what's happening in these shots. I am not sure I agree with you that they're full Bohemian, in fact they feel 1960s Hollywood to me. The shapes and cuts are very conservative, and harks back to the fifties where everyone wore very conservative dress, but the pattern mixing is definitely a sign of changing times and reflects total changes in fashion in the 1970s.

    If you told me these were period pictures, I would have believed you.

  3. i love these pic hun :) thanks for sharing

  4. I especially love the last two shot. Yep. I'd wear 'em.